Things to Eat in Mallorca

Want to know about the best things to eat in Mallorca? In this guide I will give you a grand tour of the main dishes I have tried on my travels around the Spanish island (my most recent visit was Spring 2022).

Things to eat in Mallorca range from simple tapas to PGI protected status foods and locally celebrated culinary traditions.

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1. Mallorcan Tapas

When looking for things to eat in Mallorca, the most obvious choice is traditional Mallorcan tapas.

Rows of tapas dishes on display at a tapas bar in Mallorca
Tapas and pinxtos
Things to eat in Mallorca: tapas and pinxtos
Things to eat in Mallorca: tapas and pinxtos

Spanish tapas is presented in small bite-sized portions, usually including Spanish sausage, charcuterie, cheeses, bread, olives, seafood or Spanish tortilla. Tapas is served with a small wine, beer or vermouth (or a soft drink for those who do not wish to drink alcohol). The idea is you have little tastes of different dishes whilst socialising with others in an informal and relaxed manner.

A Pintxo (‘pincho’) is a topping skewered onto a piece of bread and is usually served cold (but not always). Pintxos containing tortilla (Spanish omelette) or meatballs will usually be served warm. They are eaten with the fingers, whereas tapas is often eaten with cutlery, depending on the type of dish.

Spanish tapas, bread topped with sobrasada sausage and quail's egg.
Typical spanish food tapas

Of course tapas is served all over Mallorca, but the tapas scene in Palma De Mallorca is particularly excellent. Every Tuesday in the Sa Gerreria neighbourhood there is a special tapas route called Ruta Martiana, which many tapas bars in the area participate in. These bars serve one tapas dish or pintxo, along with one small drink for less than 3 euros.

The word martiana is a play on words involving the Spanish word for Tuesday and a random reference to Martians. No one seems to know why. You will find plates with aliens drawn on them and even an alien t-shirt in one bar, which you can buy as a tapas souvenir.

Some of the best Mallorcan tapas involves the PGI protected Sobrasada sausage, which you can read more about at number 7 below.

2. Llonguet Rolls

A light fluffy and crispy local bread roll, which is a staple everywhere in Mallorca. It can be served with any meal at any time of day. People from Palma are sometimes known as ‘Llonguets’ too, named after the bread roll.

3. Bunyols

These are little Mallorcan doughnuts, made from a potato dough which gives them a different texture to their British/American counterparts. They are delicious with tea or coffee as a snack, or as a dessert. Bunyols are popular with children and adults alike.

Bunyols - Mallorcan doughnuts

4. Ensaimada pastries

You will see this swirly spiral pastry everywhere you go in Mallorca. It is like a flaky spiral croissant, baked at a high temperature and covered in icing sugar. This widely celebrated dish holds PGI status (it is geographically protected and you can’t get these pastries anywhere else). As a result it is common to see people taking stacks of octagonal boxes with them on the plane home.

Things to eat in Mallorca: the famous ensaimada pastry dusted with icing usgar.
Mallorcan Ensaimada

Fun fact: It is said these pastries are impossible to recreate elsewhere, because only the Mallorcan sea air can help them rise.

Note: these pastries are made with lard (the ‘saim’ part means lard) which will not be suitable for those following a vegan or pescatarian diet.

5. Pa Amb Oli

Probably the most ubiquitous of the Mallorcan foodstuffs, this is served anywhere and everywhere, at any time of day. It is a snack of local brown bread rubbed with oil, tomato and garlic. It is often eaten for breakfast, before a meal, afternoon snack, tapas, etc. Pa Amb Oli can be found all over Spain, but the Mallorcan version uses a different type of tomato.

6. Coca de Cuarto

These are small squares of a light sponge cake which are soft and delicious. They have a delicate vanilla flavour, are topped with sugar and are very moreish.

Things to eat in Mallorca: Cuarto cake

7. Sobrasada Sausage

No list of things to eat in Mallorca would be complete without Sobrasada.

This wonderful cured spicy sausage is a bit of a national treasure in Mallorca, featuring heavily in tapas dishes and also sold in many restaurants to take home. It is soft and almost spreadable, therefore it is a perfect partner for your Mallorcan Longuet bread.

The Sobrasada sausage holds the prestigious protected geographical indication (PGI) status, and is not the only Mallorcan food to be awarded this recognition (see number 4 ensaimada pastries above).

8. Tumbet Vegetables

This is a vegetable side dish, think ratatouille meets Lancashire hotpot. Potatoes, aubergines, peppers, tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, pepper, cayenne, cheese and salt – lightly fried then baked in the oven.

Tumbet vegetable dish - things to eat in mallorca.
Tumbet casserole of fried potatoes, aubergines and pimentoes

9. Botifarri

One of the more spicy things to eat in Mallorca. I have seen this spelled many different ways in different parts of Mallorca, but the produce stays the same – a small sort of black pudding sausage. If it is tied with white string it will be less spicy, and red string means it is more spicy.

Botifarra sausage - things to eat in Mallorca, Spain.

10. Trempo

When considering things to eat in Mallorca, Trempo is always a go-to staple foodstuff of the Mediterranean. A light and fresh salad of peppers, tomato and onion dressed with olive oil and salt. Trempo is often served on bread or in a pastry as a light snack.

I have seen it spelt ‘Trempo’ and ‘Trampo’ in different parts of Mallorca.

Things to eat in Mallorca: trempo vegetables
Coca de Trampo

11. Coca Mallorquina

Coca is a local bread which looks like a dark pizza dough but with more of a biscuit texture. Sort of like toasted rye bread. It is often topped with Trempo (‘coca de trempo’) or meat/fish toppings (‘coca de mallorquina’).

Coca de trempo, coca bread topped with Mallorcan trempo salad.
Coca De Trempo – photo credit DSkim

12. Caldereta

A popular Spanish soup or stew which is made throughout the world. In Mallorca it is made with seafood (the lobster version is the best) and it is a popular dinner item.

Things to eat in Mallorca - caldereta stew with lobster.

13. Arros Brut

The original dirty rice! This is a savoury rice casserole made with any ingredients in season at the time, and rice. It is a little more soupy than a traditional Spanish paella. Arros Brut is a year-round staple in Mallorcan life.

14. Frit Mallorqui

Frit Mallorqui is one of the more traditional things to eat in Mallorca (it dates back to the 14th century). It’s made with offal and is definitely not for everyone, but many feel it is one of the most delicious Mallorquin recipes.

Things to eat in Mallorca - frit malloquin dish
A typical dish of Majorca island, Spain.

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