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Looking for the best travel bucket lists? From hot air balloon rides in Europe to scuba diving the great barrier reef in Australia, you can download my bucket lists completely free of charge.

My bucket lists - Instant download - 10 free bucket lists.
World’s Top 10 Cities -Bucket Lists

The 10 world cities are: London, New York City, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Lisbon, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Dubai and Sydney.

There is also a blank template for you to print and write your own bucket list ideas.

I will email you a pdf file, which you can view on any device.

These unique bucket lists can be printed individually, or just downloaded and viewed on your devices.

You can also use the links above to get more information and things to do in the individual places/cities mentioned in the bucket list items.

From horseback riding, to national parks, to the ultimate road trip experience, my bucket lists will help you plan the trip of a lifetime.

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Image of free 'My Bucket Lists' from Hazel's Travels
My Bucket Lists – 10 fun bucket list examples to inspire travellers

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