26 Photos to Make You Want to Visit Cyprus

Cyprus is a stunning Mediterranean island with wonderful weather, beaches, mountains, lakes, wine and halloumi cheese. As if you needed any more reasons to visit, here are some photos of Cyprus to inspire you to book that flight!

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Photos of Cyprus: Image of Konnos beach near Agia Napa. Many blue sun loungers and umbrellas on white sand near transparent blue water in a bay and rocky hills. Cloudless day in fall
Konnos beach near Agia Napa, Cyprus
Photos of Cyprus: View of a port in Kyrenia/Girne during a sunny summer day, Cyprus
Photos of Cyprus: waterfalls in Troodos mountains
The beautiful waterfalls of Millomeri at Platres village Troodos mountains Cyprus
Square cutout into an underground tomb supported by ancient columns, in Cyprus
Tombs of the Kings
Beautiful gold monastery sits on top of a mountain with green mountains in the background and blue sky
Kykkos Monastery in Cyprus. There are lots of monasteries in Cyprus – links at the bottom of the page
Love Bridge at Cape Greco
Love bridge at Cape Greco, natural stone bridge with one end in the turquoise blue sea
Photos of Cyprus: The mosque of Hala Sultan Camii, Larnaca
The mosque of Hala Sultan Camii, Larnaca

Stunning mediterranean island with a sand path to a neighbouring islet, Ayia Napa
Nissi beach, Ayia Napa
Stavrovouni Monastery
Photos of Cyprus: beautiful salt lake with hundreds of pink flamingoes in the foreground, mountains in the background, blue sky with white clouds
Akrotiri salt lake
Photos of Cyprus: Paphos castle
Paphos Castle
Avakas Gorge Nature Trail in Peyia, Cyprus
Avakas Gorge, Troodos mountains
Hazel's Travels: Aphrodites Rock Sunset Cyprus
Aphrodite’s Rock in the Paphos region
Cape Akamas Bay with seagulls in the sky at sunset

Photos of Cyprus: Forest of trees with snow on the ground, skiing landscape
Troodos mountains in snow
Photos of Cyprus: olive groves with mountains in the distance
Olive groves with the Troodos Mountains
Mine lake from abandoned surface mining in Xyliatos area, Cyprus. Reforestation of old spoil heaps from mining
Mine lake from abandoned surface mining in Xyliatos area, Cyprus

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