Guide to Visiting Edge NYC Viewing Platform

In this guide I will introduce you to the Hudson Yards skyscraper and observation deck, Edge NYC. I have included sections on how how to get to the Edge, tickets for the Edge, things to be aware of, a map and my own personal opinion on whether visiting Edge NYC is worth it.

New Yok City is my favourite city outside London (I’m British) and I visited Edge in summer 2022.

Aerial view of Hudson River New York City at sunset
View from Edge NYC at sunset

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  • Try booking a Hudson Yards Tour to learn about this inventive new area of NYC.

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What is Edge NYC?

Edge NYC is an observation deck. It is one of the newer, more modern additions to the New York City skyline, featuring a huge suspended platform towering 1,100 feet above the Hudson Yards area. There are angled glass walls and a glass floor where you can look 100 floors down beneath you. There is also an opportunity to scale up to the top of the building with ‘City Climb‘ – a thrilling experience for adventurous climbers.

The experience is called ‘Edge NYC’ although it is often referred to as ‘The Edge’ as well.

Edge is the highest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere – although technically this is the ‘City Climb‘ platform which you cannot reach without wearing a harness and climbing up to The Apex at the very top.

Edge NYC is the 6th tallest building in NYC (in 2022).

Where is Edge NYC?

The Edge is located in the modern skyscraper district of Hudson Yards, which itself is a feat of modern engineering. A micro-city, built on nothing but a platform over the train tracks, it contains many skyscrapers, a central plaza, shopping centre, bars and restaurants.

The mature trees and shrubbery are thriving where there was no land before, using breakthrough horticultural technology (there is nowhere for the roots to go so they used innovative tube irrigation techniques to water the plants and encourage growth).

How to Get to Edge NYC

You can reach Hudson Yards by walking along the High Line from Chelsea Market. There are also many other transport options. The Subway station is on 34th street (train 7) and is just a 2 minute walk away. You can also arrive by bus (the M34-SBS, M12 and M11 bus lines) or by taxi, Uber or Lyft.

What Happens on a Visit to Edge NYC?

Firstly, you will enter through the Hudson Yards shopping centre. This is a luxury and designer shopping mall which is called The Shops & Restaurants at Hudson Yards. You will find the entrance to Edge on the 4th floor – you can take the lift or stairs.

The security part is a bit like airport security. After that you will then queue for the elevator, which takes you up 100 floors. On the way you will see some cool exhibitions about Hudson yards and how they planted the trees. It’s entirely self-sufficient and really quite amazing!

Stepping out of the elevator, you can visit the champagne bar, head for the glass floor, sit on the outdoor stairs to get an even higher perspective, or queue up to have your picture taken in the corner of two glass walls.

I joined the queue for the famous ‘corner picture’, but after 25 minutes the queue had not moved a lot and I realised I was missing out on all the amazing views at sunset. My advice is to allow at least an hour more than you think you need, if you want to visit at sunset.

You can also walk up to the 101st floor and get panoramic 360 degree views of Manhattan and beyond.

There is also the Peak Restaurant on this floor for dinner with jaw dropping views. Be prepared to pay high prices to dine here.

Edge NYC: The City Climb

For the City Climb, you will be harnessed up and have a safety briefing before ascending up The Stair. For this you will be walking up a set of stairs, attached to a metal rail with a big metal clip. You have to manually move each clip over each junction which is tiring and quite tough on the hands.

Once at the top, you will be on the highest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere at 1271 feet.

What is the Best Time to Visit Edge NYC?

Arguably, sunset is the best time to visit for the best views, but be prepared for large crowds and long waiting times to get to the glass so you can see the view. It was so busy when I visited that I was unable to get to the glass floor, the glass corners, or the outdoor stairs – I think this was because I did not allow enough time for queuing.

What are the Ticket Prices at Edge NYC?

There are varying ticket packages to choose from. Bear in mind they are quite strict with entry times, do make sure to read all of my tips below.

  • Edge NYC accepts the Go City Pass.
  • Prices are $2 cheaper if you buy online.
  • General Admission $40 adult ($38 online), $35 child 6-12 ($33 online) and $38 senior ($36 online).
  • Sunset tickets are $10 extra (but not always – I didn’t have to pay extra on the Go City pass)
  • There are options up to $73 per adult including champagne and photographs.
  • City Climb tickets start from $183 per person.

Tips and Things to be Aware of at The Edge

If you go at peak times, you will have to queue to get photos of the view

The average visit will take about an hour, but you can take as long as you like.

Allow an extra 30 minutes to get through security.

You will not get a refund or exchange if the sky deck is closed due to poor weather.

Tripods are not allowed, and nor are professional cameras and video cameras.

For a sunset visit, book a time slot at least one hour beforehand, to allow you to get to the sky deck in time.

Don’t drink alcohol before doing the City Climb. You will be breathalysed to make sure you are safe to climb.

Expect to spend 2 hours on the City Climb, and don’t be late! Tickets are non refundable and they won’t let you go in the next time slot.

Edge NYC doesn’t open till 10:00.

What Else is There to Do in Hudson Yards?

Hudson Yards is full of shops and restaurants (mostly designer and upscale places) and of course you have the fantastic Chelsea Market and the High Line close by. You can also see The Vessel at Hudson Yards, but unfortunately it is no longer open to the public so you cannot climb it. You can still go inside and take photographs.

Personal Opinion: Is the Edge Worth It?

Personally I found Edge NYC a little soulless. It doesn’t have all the interesting history offered by the Empire State Building or Top Of The Rock, nor does it have the art and fun offered by SUMMIT One Vanderbilt.

I was not keen on the crowds and the rudeness of the security staff on the day I visited Edge NYC.

That said, I may have just been unlucky on that day, and I should probably go back and try to experience it properly before passing judgement. I would definitely allow extra time if I visited again.

There is no denying the glass panels are awesome and the view is simply stunning. Unfortunately I was not able to get near the glass floor or stairs so I can’t comment on those.

For now, Edge is placed 5th in my list of observation decks in NYC, until I can revisit and see if anything changes.

Where to Stay in Hudson Yards

Here are my top picks in or near Hudson Yards on

Alternatively you could check out the current deals on all NYC hotels on here. I recommend reserving your room immediately to get the best price. It’s usually free to reserve, and you can always cancel later on. Most properties on allow free cancellation up to the day before the booking date.

Have you been to Edge NYC? What did you think – maybe your experience was different to mine? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Travel Advice for Your Trip to NYC

Climate in NYC

The rainy season starts in April and goes on till June, with an average temperature of 11C / 51F. It gets warmer from May and the rain starts to ease off. The hottest and driest month is July, with an average high of 28C / 84F. January and February have the highest chance of sow.

Tourist seasons in NYC

The low season is January to March, which is when hotels are the cheapest and the crowds are the lowest. The rest of the year can be considered high season. December is the most expensive month to visit.


The currency is the US dollar ($) and it comes in banknotes up to $100, although I don’t recommend using $100 notes. $50 notes are usually the highest notes used. Be careful because all the notes look similar and it is easy to get them confused.

Credit cards are accepted everywhere (including taxis) and they are generally used more than cash. If you don’t have a credit card (or you want to pay in dollars) you can request a free Revolut Debit Card here. You can use it immediately with Apple or Google Pay.


Non-US citizens need to apply for a VISA, or an ESTA if eligible and staying for less than 90 days. Apply for your ETSA here.

NYC Subway

The New York subway is an efficient way of getting around. Be aware it gets very busy at peak times. One trip costs $2.50 or you can buy a 7 day Metrocard for $29. You can pick one up in any subway station.

Click here to download a PDF of the New York City MTA Subway Map.

Car rentals

I don’t recommend hiring a car if you are staying in Manhattan. The traffic is very congested and the parking is hard to find, and expensive. You can easily hail yellow cabs, or use Uber if you prefer (it’s cheaper).

You might still want to hire a car if you intend to take a trip out of town, for this I recommend the car comparison site Discover Cars. In the USA they drive on the right.

NYC Passes

I recommend the NYC Go City pass if you plan on seeing any tourist attractions. All the big attractions are included (including the Statue of Liberty but not including SUMMIT one Vanderbilt), plus lots of small ones too. You can also use it for food options, boat rides, ferry crossings and bicycle hire. Purchase your Go City NYC Pass here.

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