Wondering where to stay in Naples, Italy? This list will provide you with a review of the 8 best neighbourhoods in Naples, along with hotel recommendations and ideas for things to do in Naples during your stay.

I have travelled extensively throughout this region of Italy, with my most recent visit being in September 2022. Naples is a big city, so it will help to know the pros and cons of each neighbourhood. Be sure to read my other Naples posts and Italy posts before your trip.

People walking on a narrow street with vehicles parked on both sides and clothes hanging on ropes in between old buildings.
Napoli Streets.

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Where to Stay in Naples – Guide to the Best Neighbourhoods

Below are the 8 best places to stay in Naples, Italy. There is a map at the bottom of this post, showing where each neighbourhood is. You will also find hotel recommendations, Naples FAQs and general travel advice for your trip to Italy.

Skip straight to Naples neighbourhoods: Centro StoricoChiaiaVomeroPort of NaplesLungomare caraccioloPiazza del PlebiscitoToledo e Quartieri SpagnoliPosillipo.

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1. Centro Storico

Centro Storico is the best area to stay in Naples if it’s your first time in the city. It’s about as central as you can get, close to the sea and has main attractions like the National Archaeological Museum of Naples and Castel Sant’Elmo (tickets here).

a group of colourful buildings in Naples Italy with a mountain in the background
View of Naples cityscape in Italy.

The streets of the old town are lined with shops selling anything from designer clothes to artisanal handicrafts at bargain prices, so it’s perfect for those who want to take home some souvenirs from their trip.

This neighbourhood has everything you need: bars, restaurants, nightlife and family-friendly activities like the beach.

See the best hotel deals and reserve a place to stay in Naples Historical Centre here.

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2. Chiaia

Chiaia is an upscale area, with many designer shops, high-end boutiques and art galleries, like the Palazzo Delle Arti. It’s popular with locals and tourists alike. It’s also home to some excellent cafes and restaurants that serve wonderful Neapolitan cuisine.

A visit to Chiaia also features on my 2 day itinerary for Naples.

an aerial view of a city with many colourful buildings. One of the most beautiful places to stay in Naples, Italy.
Chiaia district seen from the Certosa fortress

Chiaia is only 10 minutes from the city centre but also has easy access to the sea, so if you’re looking to relax by the water, it’s a great choice. There are many high-end accommodation options in Chiaia if you are looking for a luxury hotel (such as the Britannique Hotel Naples).

See the best hotel deals and reserve a place to stay in Chiaia here.

3. Vomero

Vomero is the highest point in Naples, so it’s a good base for exploring the rest of the city. It can be a little bit of a hike from some of the other neighbourhoods, but there are plenty of things to do here if you don’t want to venture too far. There are some great restaurants and bars in Vomero, as well as some amazing views of Naples itself.

a view of Naples city from a hill, colourful buildings and lots of places to stay in Naples.
View of the Vomero hill and St. Elmo Castle from the Montesanto district of Naples. Italy

A good portion of Vomero features newer architecture that is predominantly art nouveau, but if you want to walk back in time, head to the Antignano neighbourhood. There, you’ll be able to explore the older architecture that features beautiful stone carvings and buildings. It’s a truly ancient neighbourhood that dates back to ancient Rome.

See the best hotel deals and reserve a place to stay in Vomero here.

4. Port of Naples

The Port of Naples is a vibrant neighbourhood that’s perfect for those who want to be in the heart of things. The port itself is an interesting place to explore and offers plenty of opportunities for travellers who love history and culture. For example, there are several museums nearby, including the National Museum of Capodimonte, which houses work by artists like Caravaggio and Titian. Pre book your Capodimonte museum tickets here, or private art gallery tour here.

Naples harbor filled with lots of boats next to the city
Architecture at Gulf of Naples,Italy,Europe

If you’re more interested in food than art, this might be a good option because it’s also home to some great restaurants such as Da Michele (which serves traditional Neapolitan dishes), Ristorante Pizzeria Da Michele (a more casual spot) or La Tavernetta di Bottega L’Angelo Dei Dolci (where you can enjoy desserts).

See the best hotel deals and check prices for hotels in Port of Naples here.

5. Lungomare Caracciolo

Lungomare Caracciolo is one of the best places to stay if you want to be close to the water. It’s also very close to Vesuvius, so you can hike up it or take a bus tour of its crater (Vesuvius tickets here). The area has lots of restaurants, bars and cafes where you can sit and watch people go by on their boats or just relax with a book while sipping an espresso.

Nighttime view of places to stay in Naples Italy -this is the seafront promenade lit up at night.

Vico Sottomarino is another great neighbourhood because it’s right near Via Partenope (the main street) but still far enough away from all the business that goes on there during high season – when most tourists come through Naples. There are lots of shops nearby too if you need groceries or want to take home some souvenirs from your trip.

See the best hotel deals and reserve a place to stay in Lungomare Caracciolo here.

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6. Where to stay in Naples: Piazza Plebiscito

If you want to be close to the sea, but still near to the centre, Piazza del Plebiscito is a great choice. It’s also good for families; there are lots of restaurants and shops around here. This neighbourhood is within walking distance of many popular attractions too, including Mergellina Train Station and San Carlo Theatre.

An Italian piazza or square with a statue in the middle, colouful buildings and a mountain in the sitance.
Piazza del Plebiscito

See the best hotel deals and check prices for hotels in Plebiscito here.

7. Toledo e Quartieri Spagnoli

If you’re looking for a hip neighbourhood in Naples, look no further than Toledo and Quartieri Spagnoli.

Toledo is an old village that was absorbed by the city of Naples in 1866. It’s located on top of an ancient lava flow and has some amazing views of Mount Vesuvius and its bay. The area has been revitalised with new restaurants and shops opening up, but there are still old buildings left untouched too.

a street in Naples Italy with a sign that says quartieri spagnoli

It’s the ideal destination if you want to soak up the culture while on a budget. You can get good food and entertainment here at low costs, and it’s easy to get a budget room in a Quarieri Spagnoli hotel (or a cheap apartment) so you can really stretch your spending money.

See the best hotel deals and reserve a place to stay in Quartieri Spagnoli here.

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8. Posillipo

Posillipo is a charming, quiet and authentic neighbourhood. It’s the perfect place to stay if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. This area is also great if you want to be close to the sea (it’s just across from Capri – boat tour tickets here) whilst exploring its narrow cobbled streets.

a group of people sitting on the side of a building next to the ocean
Naples Posillipo

Posillipo has plenty of restaurants, bars and shops so there will always be something new around every corner. This is also the closest neighbourhood in my list to the Pausilypon Archaeological Park and Gaiola Island.

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Where to Stay in Naples Italy.

So there you have it, my top picks for the best neighbourhoods in Naples. As we’ve seen, there are many different areas to choose from and each one has its own unique charm, with varying different accommodation options.

There are other areas too – such as the Napoli Piazza Garibaldi near the central station area – but I don’t generally recommend this district as it does not represent the true personality of Naples City, in my opinion.

Here are your quick links again for booking hotels in each area:

These links will take you to Booking.com, which is an excellent booking platform in my opinion. You can reserve accommodation immediately without paying anything, and you can usually cancel for free as well.

Map of where to stay in Naples Italy.

The map below shows each neighbourhood in Naples as listed above. To use the map, click the blue icons to see more information about each place. Click the star to add to your own Google Maps.

Overall Best Hotels in Naples

Here are my overall top picks for Naples hotels on Booking.com:

  • Best luxury hotel: Romeo Hotel is a 5 star hotel with rooftop and spa, opposite the ferry port.
  • Best mid-range hotel: Toledo Boutique Rooms in the Spaccanapoli district, central location.
  • Best budget hotel: Hotel Alloggio Del Conte in the historic centre and close to the train station.
  • Best Sustainable hotel: Duomo 152 Naples in the historic centre. This property has met the Travel Sustainable Level 2 criteria from Booking.com, read more here.

Here is a map showing hotels in Naples by location:


If you prefer, you can check the current best Naples stays on Booking.com here. I recommend reserving your room immediately to get the best price. It’s usually free to reserve, and you can always cancel later on.

Things to do in Naples Italy.

There are lots of things to do in Naples. You can explore the city’s rich history with a visit to the Archaeological Museum, home to some of Italy’s oldest artefacts. Other popular attractions include the Castel Nuovo, one of Naples’ most iconic landmarks, and Piazza del Plebiscito, a square surrounded by beautiful Baroque architecture.

There are many historic churches, such as Santa Chiara, Santa Maria Della Mercede and San Domenico Maggiore.

Aerial view of a city in daytime, light coloured European buildings can be seen with a central pizza in a semi circle shape with a grand building supported by many plinths. Hazy blue sky, with the sea in the distance.
Piazza del Plebiscito

If you’re looking for a day at the beach, Naples is home to some of Italy’s best beaches. The small islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida offer stunning views, along with the nearby Amalfi Coast.

Naples also has an array of shops, restaurants and bars. There are plenty of options for souvenir shopping, as well as local boutiques and markets selling handmade items. For foodies, Naples is home to some of Italy’s best pizzerias and street food.

For those looking for something a bit different, there are lots of unusual and unique things to do in Naples in addition to the main attractions.

An aerial view of a European city with orange and brown rooftops and decorative domes. Wooden barriers at the top of a balcony with a plate of pizza and a cup of coffee in the foreground on a table with a white tablecloth. Red flowers can be seen jut below the balcony.
Pizza place terrace with Naples view, Italy

FAQs on where to stay in Naples Italy.

Q: What are the best areas to stay in Naples?

A: Some of the best areas to stay in Naples include the historic city centre, Chiaia, Posillipo, and Vomero. These areas offer a mix of attractions, restaurants, and easy access to public transport. See hotels in Centro Storico on Booking.com.

Q: What is the historic city centre like for accommodation?

A: The historic city centre is a popular choice for its lively atmosphere, historic sites, and proximity to attractions. You’ll find a range of accommodation options including boutique hotels, guesthouses, and budget hostels. See hotels in Centro Storico on Booking.com.

Q: Is Chiaia a good option for accommodation?

A: Yes, Chiaia is a stylish and upscale neighbourhood with elegant boutiques, art galleries, and beautiful sea views. It’s known for its vibrant nightlife and offers luxury hotels and charming B&Bs. See hotels in Chiaia on Booking.com.

Q: How about staying in Posillipo?

A: Posillipo offers a more tranquil stay, with stunning views of the Gulf of Naples. It’s a great option for those seeking a relaxing atmosphere, but keep in mind that it’s a bit further from the city centre. See hotels in Posillipo on Booking.com.

Q: What can I expect in terms of accommodation in Vomero?

A: Vomero is known for its panoramic views, shopping streets, and easy access to the city centre via the funicular. It offers a mix of mid-range and upscale hotels, as well as apartments for rent. See hotels in Vomero on Booking.com.

Q: Are there budget accommodation options in Naples?

A: Yes, Naples offers budget-friendly accommodation options, particularly in the historic city centre and around the main train station. Hostels, guesthouses, and budget hotels are available.

Q: How do I choose between a hotel and a bed and breakfast (B&B)?

A: Hotels generally offer more amenities and services, while B&Bs provide a more personalised experience. Consider your preferences for privacy, convenience, and the level of interaction with hosts.

Q: Is it recommended to stay near the train station?

A: Staying near Naples’ main train station, Napoli Centrale, can be convenient for accessing transportation, but the area might be a bit hectic. It’s advisable to explore nearby neighbourhoods for a more comfortable stay.

Q: Are there family-friendly accommodation options?

A: Yes, many areas in Naples offer family-friendly accommodation. Look for hotels with family rooms, apartments with kitchen facilities, and proximity to attractions suitable for children.

Q: Which areas offer a beachfront stay in Naples?

A: If you’re looking for a beachfront stay, consider areas like Chiaia and Posillipo, which offer stunning sea views. Keep in mind that Naples’ city beaches might be different from the traditional sandy beaches found in more resort-focused areas.

Q: How can I find accommodation with a view of Mount Vesuvius?

A: Look for accommodation options in areas like Posillipo and Vomero, as they offer elevated positions with potential views of Mount Vesuvius. Some hotels and apartments might advertise rooms with this view.

Q: Is it necessary to book accommodation in Naples in advance?

A: While it’s not always necessary, especially during the off-peak season, booking accommodation in advance is recommended, especially if you’re visiting during popular tourist periods to secure your preferred choice.

Q: Can I find boutique or luxury hotels in Naples?

A: Yes, Naples offers a selection of boutique and luxury hotels, particularly in areas like Chiaia and Vomero. These hotels often provide unique experiences, upscale amenities, and stylish interiors.

Q: Are there any traditional or historic accommodation options?

A: Yes, you can find traditional and historic accommodation options in Naples, especially in the historic city centre. Some hotels and guesthouses are set in historic buildings, providing an authentic experience.

Q: How can I find the best deals on accommodation in Naples?

A: To find the best deals, compare prices across different booking platforms, consider flexible travel dates, and keep an eye out for special offers or last-minute deals from hotels and accommodation providers.

Q: What is the safest area to stay in Naples, Italy?

Chiaia is often thought of as the safest district of Naples. You will pay a premium here as it is the most upscale area of Naples but it is a very chic and beautiful place to stay if you can afford it. On the subject of safety, Naples is a big city and you should be aware of pickpockets. I recommend trying out some of the following travel safety products from Amazon:

Q: Is it worth it to stay in Naples, Italy?

A: It is certainly worth staying in Naples, Italy. You will find very few cities like Naples anywhere else. It is crazy-busy, gritty, full of traffic and yet still beautiful. It has stunning piazzas and picturesque landscapes. Check my 2 day itinerary for Naples for ideas for what to do during your stay.

An aerial view of a city located within a bay on a sunny day with a blue sky and white clouds. Blue sea to the east and a large vocano towering over the city in the distance.
Naples with Vesuvius

Travel advice for your trip to Naples Italy.

I have published a complete travel guide to Naples which contains information on transport, weather, food and drink, where to stay, trips and tours, festivals in Naples and more.

Further reading: Naples Travel Guide: Tips for Visiting Napoli, Italy.

Climate: Naples has a temperate Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers, mild and wet winters, and abundant sunshine throughout most of the year. Summers tend to be very warm and humid with temperatures averaging in the mid-to-high 80s Fahrenheit (30°C).

Getting Around: I don’t recommend driving in Naples, as the traffic is crazy and the parking rules are very difficult to understand. However if you really need to rent a car, try a rental comparison site like Discover Cars.

Money: The currency in Naples is the Euro ().

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