A memorable journey is often marked by the keepsakes we collect along the way. Travellers often seek a tangible piece of their destination to cherish or share with friends and family. Here I will list the best Madeira souvenirs and gifts to bring home from the island.

A Madeira souvenir bench with baskets and hats on it.
Madeira Souvenirs

Madeira, with its enchanting landscapes and rich culture, offers lots of unique souvenirs that go beyond the typical trinkets. Below I will describe 20 exceptional mementos to consider when departing this picturesque Portuguese island.

Most of these items can only be bought on the island itself, but I have also included a section for Madeira-themed gifts which you can buy online too. 

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20 Traditional Madeira Souvenirs

Before we start, you might like to check out my main Madeira Travel Guide. My last visit to Madeira was summer 2023 and I have published a number of Madeira posts to help you plan your trip.

I have separated this post into two sections:

  1. Traditional Madeira Souvenirs
  2. Madeira-themed gifts and souvenirs you can buy online.

So without further ado, let’s get into my list of traditional Madeira souvenirs.

1. Caralhinho (Poncha Stirrer)

The caralhinho is the iconic tool for crafting poncha, the beloved Madeiran fruit-infused drink with a deceptively potent kick. While not readily available in souvenir shops, determined seekers can acquire a “caralhinho” at the Mercado dos Lavradores, or the airport. It’s the essential accessory for recreating that perfect poncha you enjoyed during your stay.

Madeira poncha drink ingredients on a cutting board.
Poncha ingredients, with poncha stick in the foreground.

You can see the poncha stick in the photo on the right; they look sort of similar to a honey stick (but obviously honey sticks are nowhere near as good at the task).  If you forgot to buy your Caralhinho sticks in Madeira, you could look at honey sticks on Amazon instead, or perhaps standard cocktail stirrers as an alternative. 

2. Rum 970

Madeira Agricultural Rum 970, a longstanding island tradition since the 1970s, is known for its dark amber hue and robust 40% alcohol content. This potent libation is perfect for savouring the essence of Madeira. Purchase it at the Engenho do Norte distillery or grab a mini travel-sized bottle at the airport.

A Madeira souvenir - rum and a wooden barrel.
Rum distillery at Porto da Cruz

If you have forgotten to pick up your rum in Madeira, you can buy rum 1970 online at Vinha or Delicias UK.

3. Rebuçados de Funcho (Fennel Sweets)

These rustic, orange-hued sweets, packaged in simple clear bags, are a Madeiran specialty. Crafted from fennel, which thrives on the island’s slopes, they can sweeten your tea or accompany cane sugar brandy. Due to fennel’s natural properties, they also serve as soothing cough lozenges, making them a thoughtful gift for both adults and children.

Look out for these sweets at the Mercado dos Lavradores, or the airport. Unfortunately I can’t find them anywhere online.

Further reading: Visiting the Mercado dos Lavradores Funchal (Madeira)

4. Bolo de Mel (Honey Cake)

A must-have for Madeiran holiday tables, this honey cake is available year-round. Made from cane sugar honey, it boasts a lengthy shelf life without hardening or spoiling. In addition to honey, it incorporates ingredients like Madeira wine, fennel, cinnamon, cloves, and various nuts, creating a flavourful delight that must be broken by hand.

A piece of Madeira traditional cake is sitting on a piece of paper.
Bolo de Madeira Cake

The Fábrica Santo António in Funchal offers this treat in charming cardboard boxes, and you can also find it at the airport in various sizes.

You can also buy bolo de mel online at Delicias UK or Tuga Store

Further reading: Food in Madeira: What to Eat and Drink on Madeira Island

5. Madeira Wine

Madeira Wine, a globally recognised fortified wine produced on the island, comes in four primary varieties: Malvasia, Boal, Verdelho, and Sercial. Its rich sweetness and freshness make it a coveted souvenir. Prices vary based on the vintage and variety, and you can conveniently purchase it in large bottles at Blandy’s cellar, with the option to collect it at the airport.

Two glasses of Madeira wine on a wooden table with a view of the city.
Madeira Wine

You can also get Blandy’s Madeira wine on Amazon

Further reading: Ultimate Madeira Travel Guide.

6. Madeiran Chocolates

Chocolates are a delightful choice for indulging on the plane or gifting to loved ones who couldn’t join your journey. Uau Cacau, an artisanal chocolate factory in Madeira, offers chocolates infused with poncha, rum, and Madeira wine, as well as other options featuring island fruits. These delicacies resemble jewels in the shop window, available in Funchal’s city centre and at the Mercado dos Lavradores

Further reading: The Best Time to visit Madeira Island, Portugal.

7. Madeiran Hats

Madeira boasts two distinctive hats: the Carreiros do Monte’s simple straw hat with a “MADEIRA” band, and the traditional carapuça, a conical cap once worn in the 18th and 19th centuries, influenced by Portuguese mediaeval fashion. 

A variety of Madeira souvenirs are on display at a market.
Madeira Souvenirs – 2 types of Hats

While the latter is now reserved for folklore performances or representations, it can be found in souvenir shops in various sizes. Locals even say that the way the tip of the hat is positioned can reveal relationship status – taut for single, twisted for engaged.

8. Madeiran Embroidery

If you’re on a budget, you can still appreciate the artistry of Madeiran embroidery without splurging on an entire trousseau or hand-embroidered tablecloth. Consider affordable options like coasters, available for less than £2, at the Bordal shop, where you can also witness skilled embroiderers at work.

A woman in a red and white dress is sewing a piece of cloth, creating Madeira souvenirs.
Embroidery in Madeira

You can buy Madeiran embroidery from Bordal online – direct from their factory on Madeira. 

9. Azulejos (Decorative Tiles)

Portuguese azulejos are famous for their stunning hand-painted ceramic tiles. Look for Madeiran-themed azulejos featuring local landscapes, flora, and fauna. These decorative tiles can be displayed as wall art or incorporated into your home decor.

A ornate blue and white Azulejos tile from Madeira, Portugal.
Madeira Souvenirs – Azulejos Tiles

See azulejos designs on Amazon here

11. Artisanal Pottery

Madeira is home to talented potters who craft unique pottery items such as bowls, plates, and vases. Each piece is handcrafted and may feature intricate patterns or island-inspired motifs. A handmade pottery item adds an artistic touch to your home.

A colorful display of Madeira pottery souvenirs.
Madeira Souvenirs – Colourful Painted Pottery

There’s a wonderful shop in Funchal called Lillie Ceramics – check out their designs here

12. Local Art and Paintings

Support local artists by purchasing paintings or artworks inspired by Madeira’s breathtaking scenery. You can find galleries and art markets in Funchal showcasing a wide range of styles and themes, allowing you to bring a piece of Madeira’s beauty home with you.

13. Traditional Espetada Skewers

Espetada is a delicious Madeiran dish consisting of marinated meat skewers cooked over an open flame. Consider buying a set of traditional espetada skewers as a practical and unique souvenir. They can also serve as conversation starters during your next barbecue.

Meat on skewers being cooked on an open fire in Madeira.
Madeira Souvenirs Espetada Skewers

You can get traditional hanging espetada skewers on Amazon.

14. Madeiran Embroidered Shoes (Chinelo Madeirense)

These distinctive hand-embroidered slippers, known as “Chinelo Madeirense,” are a charming and comfortable souvenir option. They are available in various sizes and designs, making them a delightful gift for friends and family.

Further reading: The 20 best towns in Madeira (and where to stay in each one)

15. Lavender and Aloe Vera Products

Madeira is known for its lavender and aloe vera cultivation. Look for lavender sachets, essential oils, or aloe vera skincare products to enjoy the soothing and healing properties of these island-grown plants.

16. Local Gourmet Products

Explore Madeira’s culinary delights by bringing home some of its gourmet products. Consider purchasing bottles of local honey, fruit preserves, or exotic spices like Piri-Piri, a chilli pepper seasoning that adds a spicy kick to your dishes.

A variety of fruits and vegetables are on display at a market in Madeira.
Dragon Fruit at a food market

17. Traditional Straw Baskets (Cestos de Vime)

Madeiran straw baskets, known as “Cestos de Vime,” are both practical and visually appealing. These handwoven baskets come in various sizes and shapes and are perfect for carrying groceries, picnics, or beach essentials.

Many wicker baskets filled with Madeira Souvenirs are lined up on shelves.
Madeira Souvenirs – Wicker baskets

18. Madeiran Literature and Music

Immerse yourself in Madeira’s culture by bringing home a book by a local author or a CD of traditional Madeiran music. These cultural treasures can provide a deeper connection to the island long after your trip has ended.

Further reading: 25 Unique & Amazing Things to do on Madeira Island.

19. Cristiano Ronaldo Souvenirs

For fans of the renowned football star Cristiano Ronaldo, Madeira offers a special treat. You can find a variety of Cristiano Ronaldo souvenirs, including posters, keychains, jerseys, and other memorabilia featuring the famous athlete. Look for these items in sports shops, souvenir stores, the Cristiano Ronaldo museum and even dedicated Cristiano Ronaldo fan shops in Funchal. 

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or simply admire his talent, these souvenirs provide a unique connection to Madeira’s most celebrated sports icon.

See all Cristiano Ronaldo gifts on Amazon here

20. Madeiran Embroidered Lace (Renda Madeirense)

Madeiran embroidered lace, known as “Renda Madeirense,” is a delicate and intricate craft that has been practised on the island for generations. This exquisite lacework is traditionally handmade by skilled artisans who meticulously create stunning patterns and designs.

Madeiran lace can be found in various forms, including tablecloths, doilies, handkerchiefs, and even clothing items like shawls and blouses. The lacework often features floral motifs, intricate borders, and fine detailing, making each piece a work of art.

When looking for Madeiran embroidered lace as a souvenir, consider visiting local markets, boutiques, or specialised stores in Funchal or other towns on the island. 

You can also buy Madeiran lace from Bordal online – direct from their factory on Madeira.

This brings me to the end of my list of Madeira souvenirs you can buy on Madeira island.

Now I will show you some online Madeira souvenirs you can purchase from Amazon!

11 Madeira-themed gifts and souvenirs from Amazon

Of course buying your Madeira souvenirs actually in Madeira will always be the best option. However you can also find a variety of Madeira-themed gifts and memorabilia on Amazon. 

These could be good if you are planning a surprise trip for someone, and you want to get them a little gift as a hint about where they are going. Or perhaps a gift to accompany their plane ticket!

Amazon souvenirs are also good if you didn’t manage to pick anything up during your time on Madeira, but you still want a memento of your trip. You can click the links below, or click on the images to go straight to Amazon.

1. Madeira Art Prints

Adorn your walls with Madeira-inspired art prints and canvases showcasing the island’s natural beauty.

Madeira Funchal Vintage Travel Posters 08x12inch(20x30cm) Canvas Print for Living Room, Bedroom, Dorm, Home, Office Wall Decoration

Top picks:

2. Madeira Travel journal

A Madeira travel journal is your ideal companion for capturing the beauty and memories of your journey on this enchanting island. With its Madeira-themed cover, quality paper, and organised sections, it’s perfect for jotting down experiences, recommendations, and attaching mementos like ticket stubs. It becomes a cherished keepsake, preserving your Madeira adventure for years to come.

Madeira Travel Journal: Travel Diary Madeira Hiking, Walking, Cycling, Camping / Road Trip Gift and Souvenir / Expenses Log / Vacation Essentials      Paperback – 22 Aug. 2023

Top picks:

3. Madeira Magnets

Lots of people love to collect fridge magnets to show where they have been. What better way to adorn your fridge at home.

Madeira Islands 3D Fridge Magnet Crafts Souvenir Resin Refrigerator Magnets Collection Travel Gift

Top picks:

4. Madeira T-Shirts and Apparel

Find Madeira-themed t-shirts, hoodies, and apparel celebrating the island’s unique culture and beauty.

Madeira Flag Shirt | Madeirenses T-Shirt

Top picks:

5. Madeira Wine

You don’t have to travel to Madeira to enjoy its renowned wine. Amazon offers a selection of Madeira wines, bringing the flavours of this exceptional fortified wine right to your doorstep.

Choose from various Madeira wine varieties, such as Malvasia, Boal, Verdelho, and Sercial, each with its unique taste profile. 

Blandys 15 Year Old Malmsey Rich Madeira Wine, 50 cl

Top picks:

6. Madeira Puzzles

Enjoy hours of entertainment with a Madeira-themed jigsaw puzzle featuring captivating island landscapes.

Lais Jigsaw Puzzle Madeira, view over Funchal, Portugal 1000 Pieces

Top picks:

7. Madeira Souvenir Jewellery

Capture the essence of Madeira’s natural beauty and culture with Madeira souvenir jewellery. These are wearable memories of your island adventure!

Adjustable Bracelet for Women, Handmade, Madeira Map

Top picks:

8. Madeira Calendars

Stay connected to the stunning beauty of Madeira year-round with Madeira-themed calendars. These calendars feature captivating photographs showcasing the island’s breathtaking landscapes, vibrant festivals, and unique cultural heritage.

See current Madeira calendars on Amazon.

9. Madeira Travel Guidebooks

Before your trip, consider purchasing a Madeira travel guidebook to help you plan your adventure and discover the island’s hidden gems.

Lonely Planet Pocket Madeira: Top Experiences, Local Life (Pocket Guide)      Paperback – 9 Jun. 2023

Top picks:

10. Madeira Language Guides

Learn Portuguese or the local Madeiran dialect with language guides and phrasebooks to enhance your travel experience.

Lonely Planet Portuguese Phrasebook & Dictionary      Paperback – Big Book, 9 Jun. 2023

Top picks:

11. Madeira Placemats & Coasters

Elevate your dining experience with Madeira placemats and coasters. Featuring captivating island imagery, these practical yet stylish accessories protect your table from spills and add a touch of Madeiran charm.

Silver Glass Coaster - Madeira Island Portugal Landscape Beach Glossy Quality Coasters/Tabletop Protection for Any Table Type #45645

Top picks:

When shopping for Madeira-themed gifts and souvenirs on Amazon, be sure to read product reviews and check shipping options to ensure your items arrive in time for your trip or special occasion.

Further reading: Ultimate Madeira Travel Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions About Madeira Souvenirs

Q: What are some popular souvenirs to bring back from Madeira, Portugal?

A: Madeira offers a wide range of souvenirs, including traditional embroidered linens, artisanal pottery, decorative tiles (azulejos), local art, and hand-embroidered shoes (Chinelo Madeirense). Other options include local products like honey, lavender items, and Madeira wine.

Q: Where can I find Madeira souvenirs in Funchal?

A: You can find Madeiran souvenirs in various places in Funchal, including souvenir shops along the seaside promenades, markets like Mercado dos Lavradores, and artisanal boutiques throughout the city.

Further reading: Visiting the Mercado dos Lavradores Funchal (Madeira)

Q: Are there any unique food souvenirs from Madeira?

A: Yes, Madeira is known for its gourmet products. Consider bringing home local honey, fruit preserves, Piri-Piri spices, or traditional sweets like “Rebuçados de Funcho” (fennel sweets) and “Bolo de Mel” (honey cake).

Q: Can I purchase Madeira wine to take home as a Madeira souvenir?

A: Absolutely! Madeira is renowned for its fortified wines. You can buy Madeira wine in various varieties such as Malvasia, Boal, Verdelho, and Sercial. Look for these wines at local wine cellars or ask for assistance at the airport to purchase and pack them securely for your journey.

Q: Where can I find hand-embroidered linens and textiles in Madeira?

A: Traditional hand-embroidered linens and textiles can be found at shops specialising in Madeira embroidery. You can visit places like Bordal, where you can not only purchase these beautiful items but also observe skilled embroiderers at work.

Q: What is the significance of “Chinelo Madeirense”?

A:“Chinelo Madeirense” refers to traditional Madeiran hand-embroidered slippers. These slippers are known for their intricate designs and are often crafted in vibrant colours. They make comfortable and unique souvenirs, perfect for wearing at home.

Q: Are there any unique accessories or clothing items to consider as Madeira souvenirs?

A: Madeira offers unique accessories like the traditional Carreiros do Monte straw hat, as well as the iconic carapuça cap. These items are distinctive to the island’s culture and can be found in souvenir shops.

Q: Can I buy authentic artisanal chocolates in Madeira?

A: Yes, you can find artisanal chocolates filled with local flavours such as poncha, rum, and Madeira wine. Look for these chocolates at places like the Uau Cacau artisanal chocolate factory in Funchal or the Mercado dos Lavradores.

Q: Are there any eco-friendly Madeira souvenirs or products from Madeira?

A: Madeira’s commitment to sustainability extends to its souvenirs. Look for eco-friendly items like straw baskets (“Cestos de Vime”), which are both practical and environmentally friendly, as they are handwoven from natural materials.

Q: Where can I find Madeiran literature or music to take home?

A: You can explore Madeira’s cultural heritage by purchasing books by local authors or CDs featuring traditional Madeiran music. Bookstores, music shops, and local markets are great places to find these cultural treasures.

Where to Stay in Madeira

Below is an abridged version of my main Where to stay in Madeira post. You may also be interested in 14 of the Best Hotels in Madeira and My Review of the Savoy Saccharum resort & Spa Madeira.

Consider the following towns when deciding where to stay in Madeira. I have included links which will take you to Booking.com if you would like to check prices. Click here to see all availability in Madeira.

a. Funchal

The capital city offers a wide range of accommodations, from luxury hotels to budget-friendly options. Funchal is bustling with restaurants, shops, and cultural attractions, making it a convenient base for exploring. It’s also a great choice if you want a mix of city life and coastal beauty. See prices and availability for Funchal.

Further reading: 29 Wonderful Things to do in Funchal, Madeira.

b. Calheta

This area is known for its golden sandy beach and is a great pick for those seeking a more relaxed and beach-oriented vacation. I stayed in Calheta in 2023 and wrote a review of the Savoy Saccharum Resort & Spa.

Calheta offers a selection of hotels and self-catering accommodations. See prices and availability for Calheta.

Further Reading: 18 Great Things to do in Calheta.

An aerial view of a beach and cliffs.
Praia Da Calheta

c. São Vicente

If you’re interested in exploring Madeira’s natural beauty, São Vicente offers a serene atmosphere nestled amidst mountains and valleys. It’s a great choice for nature lovers and hikers. See prices and availability for São Vicente.

d. Porto Moniz

Famous for its natural swimming pools, Porto Moniz is a picturesque coastal village. It’s an ideal spot for a peaceful getaway and is known for its unique volcanic landscapes. See prices and availability for Porto Moniz.

Further reading: 16 Excellent Things to do in Porto Moniz, Madeira.

e. Machico

This historic town is close to the airport and offers a beautiful beach, making it convenient for a short stay or if you want easy access to transportation. See prices and availability for Machico.

f. Santana

Known for its charming A-frame houses and lush green surroundings, Santana provides a tranquil rural experience. See prices and availability for Santana.

g. Ponta do Sol

This sunny village is perfect if you’re looking for a quiet, laid-back atmosphere. It offers stunning sunsets and a peaceful ambiance. See prices and availability for Ponta do Sol.

h. Câmara de Lobos

A traditional fishing village with a vibrant local atmosphere, Câmara de Lobos is an excellent choice for experiencing authentic Madeiran culture. See prices and availability for Câmara de Lobos.

A group of boats on a beach.
Camara des Lobos

i. Ribeira Brava

This coastal town offers a mix of local life, historical sites, and beautiful sea views. I found it quite s imilar to Funchal but a lot less busy and with more of a local feel. See prices and availability for Ribeira Brava.

j. Ponta Delgada

Located on the north coast, Ponta Delgada is a small village known for its natural beauty and quietness. See prices and availability for Ponta Delgada.

Further reading: The 14 Best Hotels in Madeira, Portugal.

Accommodation in Madeira

Here is a map from Booking.com showing hotels by location. You can zoom in, zoom out, drag and move the map. If you click the map, it will take you to Booking.com where you can look more closely at your options.


I recommend reserving your room immediately to get the best price. It’s usually free to reserve, and you can always cancel later on. See the main Madeira page from Booking.com.

Booking links

Here are your booking links again, all in one place. These links will get you the best prices on Booking.com today:

Hotels in Funchal | Hotels in Calheta | Hotels in São Vicente | Hotels in Porto Moniz | Hotels in Machico | Hotels in Santana | Hotels in Ponta do Sol | Hotels in Câmara de Lobos | Hotels in Ribeira Brava | Hotels in Ponta Delgada | All hotels in Madeira.

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Madeira Quick Links

My last visit to Madeira was in summer 2023. I spent a week travelling all around the island and crammed as much into one week as possible. This included visiting all of the main towns, sampling the local cuisine, going on levada walks and meeting the locals. It was a solo trip, but Madeira is also ideal for couples and families. I have also visited Madeira in the spring and winter time too.

Here are some helpful links which may help you plan your trip to Madeira, Portugal.

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