This page contains a complete guide to visiting the Mercado dos Lavradores, Funchal. 

Mercado dos Lavradores is a farmers’ market in Funchal, Madeira island. This bustling market is a must-visit for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the local culture and indulge in the diverse offerings of Madeira’s rich culinary landscape.

A variety of fruits and vegetables are on display at a market in Madeira, Mercado dos Lavradores Funchal.
Dragon Fruit at Mercado dos Lavradores Funchal.
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My last visit to Madeira was in summer 2023 on a solo trip, and I visited the Mercado dos Lavradores Funchal several times. I found it much quieter to visit outside of peak times, and I also visited once as part of a wider Madeiran food tour. I’ve included a section below on food tours in Madeira, and you might like to read my Madeira food and drink post too.

You may also like to check out my main Madeira Travel Guide if you are thinking of travelling to Madeira.

Everything you need to know about Mercado dos Lavradores Funchal.

I have split this guide into 5 sections:

  1. How to get to Mercado dos Lavradores Funchal.
  2. What to do and see at the market.
  3. What to buy from the market.
  4. What to eat at the market.
  5. General tips for your visit Mercado dos Lavradores Funchal.
  6. FAQs about visiting Mercado dos Lavradores Funchal.
  7. What other markets are there in Madeira?
  8. Food tours to try in Madeira.

You’ll also find a map, and suggestions on where to stay at the bottom of the page.

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1. How to get to Mercado dos Lavradores Funchal:

Situated in the city centre of Funchal, Mercado dos Lavradores is conveniently accessible on foot from various points in the city.

You have several options depending on your starting point:

  1. By Foot: If you’re already in the central area of Funchal, especially around Avenida Arriaga or the old town (Zona Velha), you can easily walk to Mercado dos Lavradores. Follow the main streets, and you’ll find signs guiding you to the market.
  1. By Public Transport: Funchal has a well-connected public bus system. Check the local bus routes, and if there’s a stop near your location, you can take a bus to the city centre. Mercado dos Lavradores is centrally located, and you can walk from the bus station.
  1. By Car: If you’re driving, you can use a GPS or a map app to navigate to Mercado dos Lavradores. There are parking facilities available in the vicinity, but it’s advisable to check for nearby parking options, as the central area can get busy.
  1. By Taxi: Taxis are readily available in Funchal, and you can either hail one on the street or find a taxi stand.

Remember to consider the city’s layout and plan your route accordingly. Mercado dos Lavradores is a prominent landmark, so asking locals for directions is always an option if needed.

A basket of fruit and nuts on a table at Mercado dos Lavradores Funchal.
Exotic fruits at Mercado dos Lavradores Funchal, Madeira.

2. What to Do and See at Mercado dos Lavradores Funchal:

  1. Explore the Market Stalls:
    • Wander through the vibrant market stalls brimming with fresh produce, flowers, and local crafts. From exotic fruits to fragrant flowers, the stalls offer a visual feast.
  1. Admire the Architecture:
    • Marvel at the stunning architectural design of the market, characterised by its iconic azulejo-tiled façade. The intricate tiles depict scenes from Madeiran life, adding to the cultural richness of the space.
  1. Visit the Fish Market:
    • Head to the fish market section and witness the daily catch on display. Engage with local fishermen and learn about the diverse seafood that graces the waters of Madeira.
  1. Attend a Live Auction:
    • Experience the lively atmosphere of the fish auction, where local traders engage in spirited bidding. It’s a dynamic and authentic display of Madeira’s fishing culture.
  1. Engage with Local Artisans:
    • Interact with skilled artisans showcasing traditional crafts. From handmade embroidery to wickerwork, these craftsmen contribute to the market’s vibrant tapestry.
A colorful display of Madeira pottery souvenirs.
Madeira Souvenirs – Colourful Painted Pottery

3. What to Buy at Mercado dos Lavradores Funchal:

  1. Fresh Produce:
    • Indulge in the abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs. From passionfruit to custard apples, the market showcases the diverse agricultural treasures of Madeira.
  1. Local Crafts:
    • Purchase unique souvenirs such as intricately woven baskets, handmade ceramics, and traditional embroidered linens. These crafts make for thoughtful gifts or cherished keepsakes.
  1. Exotic Flowers:
    • Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of colours at the flower market. Pick up a bouquet of exotic blooms or vibrant tropical plants to bring a touch of Madeiran beauty into your space.

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4. What to Eat at Mercado dos Lavradores Funchal:

  1. Try Local Snacks:
    • Sample traditional Madeiran snacks like Bolo do Caco, a soft bread made with sweet potatoes, often served with garlic butter or local cheese.
  1. Fresh Seafood:
    • Head to the market’s seafood section for a seafood feast. Enjoy freshly caught fish, limpets, and other marine delights prepared on-site.
  1. Sip Poncha:
    • Don’t miss the chance to savour Poncha, Madeira’s signature drink. Made with local rum, honey, and citrus juice, it’s a refreshing and quintessentially Madeiran experience.

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5. Tips for Your Visit to Mercado dos Lavradores Funchal:

  • Go Early for the Freshest Selections: Arrive early in the morning to witness the market coming to life and to ensure the freshest produce and seafood selections.
  • Bring Cash: While some vendors may accept cards, it’s advisable to have cash on hand for smoother transactions.
  • Engage with Locals: Strike up conversations with vendors and locals. Their insights can enhance your experience and provide valuable recommendations.
A variety of Madeira souvenirs are on display at a market.
Madeira Souvenirs – 2 types of Hats

Mercado dos Lavradores is not just a market; it’s a cultural treasure trove where history, tradition, and daily life converge. Whether you’re a food enthusiast, a cultural explorer, or someone seeking authentic Madeiran experiences, a visit to this market promises a sensory journey through the heart of Funchal’s vibrant soul.

6. FAQs about the Mercado dos Lavradores Funchal.

Q: Where is Mercado dos Lavradores located in Madeira?

A: Mercado dos Lavradores is located in the city centre of Funchal, capital of Madeira. The address is Rua Brigadeiro Oudinot, Funchal, Madeira.

Q: What are the operating hours of Mercado dos Lavradores?

A: The market is typically open from Monday to Saturday, with varying hours. It’s advisable to check the current operating hours closer to your visit, as they may be subject to change.

Q: Is there an entrance fee to enter Mercado dos Lavradores?

A: No, there is no entrance fee to visit Mercado dos Lavradores. Entrance is free for all visitors – you can just walk through the main entrance.

Q: When is the best time to visit the market for the freshest produce and seafood?

A: For the freshest selections, it’s recommended to visit Mercado dos Lavradores early in the morning, particularly during the weekdays when vendors receive fresh deliveries.

Q: What types of products can I find at Mercado dos Lavradores?

A: The farmers market offers a diverse range of products, including fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, seafood, local crafts, and traditional Madeiran snacks. You will also see regional themes and festival produce too.

Q: Are there guided tours available for Mercado dos Lavradores?

A: Yes, guided tours are available, providing insights into the market’s history, cultural significance, and showcasing the variety of products available. See my tour section above, and always check online for reviews. Most tours pick up from hotels around Funchal.

Q: Can I buy local crafts and souvenirs at Mercado dos Lavradores?

A: Absolutely, Mercado dos Lavradores features stalls selling handmade crafts, including wickerwork, ceramics, and embroidered linens. These are unique souvenirs, which usually come at a great price.

Q: Is there a fish auction at Mercado dos Lavradores, and can visitors participate?

A: Yes, there is a daily fish auction where local traders engage in bidding. While visitors can observe the auction, active participation may be limited to local traders.

A tray of fish on ice at Mercado dos Lavradores Funchal
Fish at Mercado dos Lavradores Funchal

Q: What local snacks or dishes should I try at Mercado dos Lavradores?

A: Don’t miss trying Bolo do Caco, a soft bread made with sweet potatoes, and sampling fresh seafood prepared on-site. Additionally, Poncha, a local drink, is a must-try.

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Q: Are there any cultural events or festivals held at Mercado dos Lavradores?

A: Mercado dos Lavradores occasionally hosts cultural events and festivals. Check local event calendars for any festivities that may coincide with your visit. Christmas is an excellent time to visit the market. 

Q: Is Mercado dos Lavradores open on Sundays?

A: Typically, Mercado dos Lavradores is closed on Sundays. It’s advisable to plan your visit on weekdays or Saturdays for the full market experience.

Q: Are there any parking facilities near Mercado dos Lavradores?

A: Yes, there are parking facilities available in the vicinity of Mercado dos Lavradores. Visitors can find both street parking and parking lots in the area.

Q: Can I sample local fruits before purchasing them at Mercado dos Lavradores?

A: Some vendors may allow you to sample fruits before purchasing. It’s polite to ask for permission before trying any produce.

Q: Are there vegetarian and vegan options available at Mercado dos Lavradores?

A: Yes, the market offers a variety of vegetarian options, including fresh fruits, vegetables, and locally made snacks. Vegan options may also be available.

Q: Can I find traditional Madeiran spices and condiments at Mercado dos Lavradores?

A: Yes, many stalls offer traditional spices, sauces, and condiments that are integral to Madeiran cuisine. These make for excellent culinary souvenirs.

Q: How far is Santa Maria Street from the Mercado dos Lavradores?

A: Close! If you’re at Mercado dos Lavradores and wish to visit Santa Maria Street, you can expect the walk to take only a few minutes. The proximity of these attractions allows visitors to explore both the vibrant market and the charming street with its painted doors and artistic displays in a single visit to the central area of Funchal.

Collage of street art painted doors on Santa Maria Street Funchal (Madeira)
Painted doors on Santa Maria Street Funchal.

7. What other markets are there in Madeira?

Madeira offers a variety of markets, each with its own unique charm. Here are some notable markets in Madeira, along with their typical operating hours and places:

  1. Mercado dos Lavradores (Funchal Market):
    • Location: Rua Brigadeiro Oudinot, Funchal, Madeira.
    • Operating Hours: Typically open from Monday to Saturday. Exact hours may vary, so it’s advisable to check closer to your visit.
  1. Mercado da Ribeira (Ribeira Market):
    • Location: Avenida Sá Carneiro, Funchal, Madeira.
    • Operating Hours: Open daily. Morning hours are best for fresh produce.
  1. Mercado da Penteada:
    • Location: Caminho do Comboio, Funchal, Madeira.
    • Operating Hours: Usually open during weekdays. Check specific hours for accurate details.
  1. Mercado de Santa Cruz:
    • Location: Largo Conselheiro Aires de Ornelas, Santa Cruz, Madeira.
    • Operating Hours: Open during weekdays. Morning hours are recommended for fresh produce.
  1. Mercado do Lido:
    • Location: Promenade do Lido, Funchal, Madeira.
    • Operating Hours: Open daily, but it may vary. Morning hours are preferable for a wide selection.
  1. Mercado de Machico:
    • Location: Largo do Mercado, Machico, Madeira.
    • Operating Hours: Typically open during weekdays, with morning hours for the freshest products.
  1. Mercado Agrícola do Funchal:
    • Location: Caminho dos Saltos, Funchal, Madeira.
    • Operating Hours: This market focuses on agricultural products and is generally open during weekdays.
  1. Mercado Municipal de São Vicente:
    • Location: Sitio do Peixeiro, São Vicente, Madeira.
    • Operating Hours: Open during weekdays. Morning hours are recommended for the best selection.

Please note that market hours and days of operation may be subject to change, so it’s advisable to check with local sources or online platforms for the most up-to-date information before planning your visit. 

Additionally, specific market experiences may vary, with some focusing more on fresh produce, while others offer a broader range of local crafts and products.

8. Food tours in Madeira.

For an introduction to food in Madeira Portugal, I recommend trying a food tour in the region. Below are some of the top-rated tours in Madeira, from my preferred tour operator Viator (I also use Get Your Guide as well, but Viator is my go-to).

1.Madeira Food & Cultural Tour: Walking tour in Funchal with seven food tastings with a local experienced guide. Learn about food in Madeira Portugal whilst eating your way through the town!

2. Half-Day Wine Tour in Madeira: Wonderful wine trail through the Laurissilva forest with wine and tapas included.

3. Genuine Food Experience at Recanto : Farm dining experience on the western outskirts of Funchal. Start your experience with a welcome drink, then tour the farm to harvest ingredients. Then, learn to prepare a 3-course meal of regional seasonal dishes including traditional espetada. Finish your meal with a local digestif.

4. Cooking Experience and Market Tour: Learn about food in Madeira Portugal with this food-themed experience. The trip starts with a visit to a local market that sells unusual fish, tropical fruits, seasonal vegetables, and exotic flowers. Continue the adventure to a hotel rooftop to make local dishes, followed by a generous lunch with Portuguese wine.

5. Full Day Wine Tasting Tour with Lunch: Great-value tour includes hotel pickup, lunch, and wine tasting. Visit wineries and wine cellars in Câmara de Lobos, Porto Moniz, or São Vicente. Sample a variety of Madeira wines and learn more about the winemaking process, then enjoy a delicious Madeiran lunch paired with local wines.

6. Private Wine Tour by Open Top 4 Wheel Drive: Join a private guide and visit vineyards built on cultivated terraces to learn about the famous fortified Madeira wine as well as table wines made on the island. Your tour also visits the Girao Cape viewpoint and the Seixal natural pools for a quick dip.

7. The Espetada Evening Food & Culture Tour: Pickup from Funchal included. Visit a local bar for appetisers and a restaurant for dinner with your local guides.

View all Madeira tours on Viator here. You can reserve tours immediately without paying anything up front, and cancel for free. Viator is a TripAdvisor company, so you know you will get a good service.

Map showing Mercado dos Lavradores Funchal.

The Google map below shows the Mercado dos Lavradores in Funchal Madeira. Click the blue icons to see more information, or click the star to add to your own Google Maps.

Where to stay in Funchal.

This section is about where to stay in Funchal, and the next section is about where to stay in Madeira in general.

Where to stay in Madeira.

Below is an abridged version of my main Where to stay in Madeira post. You may also be interested in 14 of the Best Hotels in Madeira and My Review of the Savoy Saccharum resort & Spa Madeira.

Consider the following towns when deciding where to stay in Madeira. I have included links which will take you to if you would like to check prices. Click here to see all availability in Madeira.

a. Funchal

The capital city offers a wide range of accommodations, from luxury hotels to budget-friendly options. Funchal is bustling with restaurants, shops, and cultural attractions, making it a convenient base for exploring. It’s also a great choice if you want a mix of city life and coastal beauty. See prices and availability for Funchal.

Further reading: 29 Wonderful Things to do in Funchal, Madeira.

b. Calheta

This area is known for its golden sandy beach and is a great pick for those seeking a more relaxed and beach-oriented vacation. I stayed in Calheta in 2023 and wrote a review of the Savoy Saccharum Resort & Spa.

Calheta offers a selection of hotels and self-catering accommodations. See prices and availability for Calheta.

Further Reading: 18 Great Things to do in Calheta.

An aerial view of a beach and cliffs.
Praia Da Calheta

c. São Vicente

If you’re interested in exploring Madeira’s natural beauty, São Vicente offers a serene atmosphere nestled amidst mountains and valleys. It’s a great choice for nature lovers and hikers. See prices and availability for São Vicente.

d. Porto Moniz

Famous for its natural swimming pools, Porto Moniz is a picturesque coastal village. It’s an ideal spot for a peaceful getaway and is known for its unique volcanic landscapes. See prices and availability for Porto Moniz.

Further reading: 16 Excellent Things to do in Porto Moniz, Madeira.

e. Machico

This historic town is close to the airport and offers a beautiful beach, making it convenient for a short stay or if you want easy access to transportation. See prices and availability for Machico.

f. Santana

Known for its charming A-frame houses and lush green surroundings, Santana provides a tranquil rural experience. See prices and availability for Santana.

g. Ponta do Sol

This sunny village is perfect if you’re looking for a quiet, laid-back atmosphere. It offers stunning sunsets and a peaceful ambiance. See prices and availability for Ponta do Sol.

h. Câmara de Lobos

A traditional fishing village with a vibrant local atmosphere, Câmara de Lobos is an excellent choice for experiencing authentic Madeiran culture. See prices and availability for Câmara de Lobos.

A group of boats on a beach.
Camara des Lobos

i. Ribeira Brava

This coastal town offers a mix of local life, historical sites, and beautiful sea views. I found it quite s imilar to Funchal but a lot less busy and with more of a local feel. See prices and availability for Ribeira Brava.

j. Ponta Delgada

Located on the north coast, Ponta Delgada is a small village known for its natural beauty and quietness. See prices and availability for Ponta Delgada.

Further reading: The 14 Best Hotels in Madeira, Portugal.

Accommodation in Madeira

Here is a map from showing hotels by location. You can zoom in, zoom out, drag and move the map. If you click the map, it will take you to where you can look more closely at your options.

I recommend reserving your room immediately to get the best price. It’s usually free to reserve, and you can always cancel later on. See the main Madeira page from

Booking links

Here are your booking links again, all in one place. These links will get you the best prices on today:

Hotels in Funchal | Hotels in Calheta | Hotels in São Vicente | Hotels in Porto Moniz | Hotels in Machico | Hotels in Santana | Hotels in Ponta do Sol | Hotels in Câmara de Lobos | Hotels in Ribeira Brava | Hotels in Ponta Delgada | All hotels in Madeira.

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